Auditions for Arms and the Man

Auditions for George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man, director Ed Wightman, will be held at Theatre 3 on 27 and 28 January 2018.

Information on characters and audition information is listed below.
Auditions will be held between 10am - 5pm and and be individual times of approx. 15 minutes. Please call the Theatre 3 office Monday to Friday or email auditions[@] to book auditions or for any further information. Once cast and rehearsals start in the last week of March they will be held Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday.Please note that Theatre 3 will be closed from 4pm Monday 18 December, reopening at 10am on Monday 8 January.

Those auditioning are to prepare and perform a 2 - 3 minute monologue from any play by Shaw EXCEPT Arms and the Man. Copy and paste this link for access to the Gutenberg online archive of his plays
Copies of the plays are also available from Theatre 3 for a refundable $5 fee.

Auditionees are also requested to be familiar with the excerpts listed against their preferred character, no need to learn these by heart, but please make sure you have read the play.

This link will give you access to the version of Arms and the Man that we are using for Auditions.
Character information and page excerpt points:


(23-year-old daughter of the Petkoffs; proud, idealistic, feisty, compassionate.)
START: p20 Catherine: “Raina! Raina! Why? Where – ” –
STOP: p22 Raina: “What happiness! What unspeakable fulfilment!”

(40’s/50’s – mother of Raina, wife to the Major; strong, opinionated, loyal.)
START p42 Catherine: “My dear Paul: what a surprise for us…”
STOP p43 Catherine: “Oh, that’s absurd, Paul: I don’t believe really refined people notice such things.”

(20’s – servant in the Petkoff household; haughty, ambitious, unsophisticated.)
START: p50 Sergius: ” Do you consider my figure handsome, Louka?”
STOP: p52 Louka: “I know the difference between the sort of manner you and she put on before one another and the real manner.”

(30’s – Swiss army officer; pragmatic and honest.)
START: p30 Raina: “You must excuse me: our soldiers are not like that”
STOP: p32 The Man/Bluntschli: “It’s no use, dear lady: I can’t make you see it from
the professional point of view.”

(50s – father of Raina, husband to Catherine; blustering and gregarious.)
START: p42 Catherine: “My dear Paul: what a surprise for us…”
STOP: p43 Petkoff: “So you’d better have all that put somewhere else.”

(Late 20s-early 30’s – Raina’s fiancé; charming, cunning, proud.)
START: p73 Louka: “Don’t trifle with me, please…” –
STOP: p75 Sergius: “If these hands ever touch you again, they shall touch my affianced bride.”

(30’s/40’s – Head servant of Petkoff household; serious, loyal, discrete.)
START: p70 Nicola: “I’ve been trying all afternoon to get a minute alone
with you, my girl…”
STOP: p72 Nicola: “…one servant should always stand by another.”

(20’s/30’s – Russian military officer; cameo role)
START: p27 Officer: “Good evening, gracious lady…”
STOP: p28 Officer: “Gracious lady, a thousand pardons. Goodnight.”