Auditions for Oh, What a Lovely War!

Audition dates: 16 & 17 September at venue TBC.
Oh, What a Lovely War! by Joan Littlewood and the ensemble cast of Theatre workshop.
Director Tim Sekuless, Conductor Ewan, Movement Director Kelly Roberts
Season: 22 Feb - 10 March 2018

Large Ensemble Cast

Booking an audition:
Please note that scripts are not required for the initial audition, but if you would like to read the script (script only - no musical scores are available except for excerpts at the bottom of the page), a copy can be obtained from Theatre 3. There is a $5 deposit, refundable on return of the script at your audition.

Audition times are in 90 minute blocks- groups of 8 auditionees, 9.30am, 11am, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm - 6pm finish Saturday and , 9.30am and 11am – 12:30pm finish Sunday.
All auditionees will have an individual singing audition and a small-group movement audition.
For any inquiries or bookings, please email auditions[at]

Oh, What a Lovely War! is an ensemble show; requiring an ensemble/troupe of versatile performers who will energetically collaborate to build a show together.

This powerful satirical musical commentary portrays the untold devastation of war. The production uses music-hall-style songs, music of the first war, and comedy to keep the show accessible, but this is not a typical musical-theatre experience.

There are multiple roles. We are looking for athletic performers, and some featured roles for singers and actors.

For the singing audition:
If you would like to audition for a featured singing role, please prepare the song Roses of Picardy, even if it's not the song you would like to sing in the show. You will have only five minutes for this part of the audition.

For any other role, please prepare a song of your choice, but no more than a minute. (Because of limited time, you will be stopped early if the song goes too long. Have your showcase singing early in the song, or start the song in the middle!) You may sing Roses of Picardy if you want.

There will be a pianist at the audition. If you would like the pianist to play your music, please make sure it is the same version that you are singing, that it's in the same key, and any changes are clearly marked up. You may sing to a backing track, but you will need to bring your own device. Please test your device and make sure it plays before you get to the audition. If you are singing Roses of Picardy, it will have live piano backing.

Links to the sheet music and a practice audio track for Roses of Picardy can be found at the bottom of the page.

There will be no body mics used in this production.

For the movement audition:
Please wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in (but not so baggy that all your movement is hidden.)

Please have shoes that don't hinder your movement.

Please make sure your hair is off your face, preferably tied back.

In this part of the audition, you will be learning a simple movement routine. There will be up to eight people for a 20 minute block.

If you are selected for call-backs, they will be in the evening of Tuesday 19th September [date might change]. You will be asked to do some script work, and maybe a little more singing.

You can download the sheet music and audio of Roses of Picardy here.
The song is available for high voice or low voice.