Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Blood will have blood.
Season: 4 - 20 August 2016
This production has now finished
A dark prophecy triggers bloody deeds and tears a nation apart. Shakespeare's tragedy is a classic tale of ambition and treachery.

Venue Theatre 3

Cast -
Chris Zuber/Macbeth
Jenna Roberts/Lady Macbeth
Sam Hannan-Morrow/Duncan
Tony Falla/Banquo
Nelson Blattman/Fleance/Caithness/Apparition 3 and King
Cameron Thomas/Macduff
Patrick Galen-Mules/Malcolm
Oliver Durdidge/Donalbain/Murderer/King/Servant
Riley Bell/Ross
Tim Sekuless/Lennox
Kayla Cicaren/Witch 3/Lady(ensemble)
Michelle Lea Cooper/Witch 1/Lady Macduff/Lady/attendant(ensemble)
Lauren Atkin/Witch 4 (ensemble)/Lady(ensemble)
Kate Blackhurst/Hecate/Lady (ensemble)
Alex McPherson/Witch 6(ensemble)/Lady (ensemble)/Gentlewoman
Euan Bowen/Captain/Lord/attendant(ensemble)/Seyton/Messenger/King
Jim Adamik/Porter/King
Lachlan Bourke/Murderer/Lord/attendant(ensemble)/Young Seyward/Mentieth/Apparition 1 and King
David Bennett/Doctor
Neil McLeod/Lord(ensemble)/Old Man/Seyward
Synan Chohan/Murderer/Lord/attendant(ensemble)/Angus/Apparition 2 and King
Josh Hammond/Young Macduff/King
Darren Cullerne/Lord/Murderer/King
Antonia Kitzel/Witch 2/Servant/Lady
Ella Horton/Witch 5(ensemble)/Lady/Attendant(ensemble)/servant