Auditions for The 39 Steps

Auditions will be held on Sunday 19 March 2017, at the Guide Hall, Clianthus Street O'Connor. The full Audition Pack is available here. Please call the office during business hours to book an audition time - all auditionees must read the full play before auditions, and they are available for a hire fee of $5 each. Note - All monologues are listed in the pack.

Slot 1 – 9am
Slot 2 – 11am
Slot 3 – 1pm
Slot 4 – 3pm

WHERE: The Guide Hall, Clianthus St, O’Connor, ACT

DIRECTOR: Jarrad West – 0402 379 943
PRODUCTION MANAGER: Marya Glyn-Daniel – 0447 265 329

PREPARE: Depending on your character of interest, please prepare one of the accompanying character monologues.


- Auditions will consist of character monologues, cold readings and improvisations from the script. Dress comfortably for movement.
- Please allow at least an hour for your audition – people booked into the slot will be seen one at a time on a first in basis.
- After your monologue you may be asked to cold read with others or stay back for some improvisation – so make an impression with the monologue – work on it; get people to give you feedback beforehand, put your best foot forward.
- If you have booked an audition and you are unable to attend – call. Seriously. Call either the director or production manager to let them know you can’t attend. Not showing up after booking an audition is the height of unprofessionalism – and directors remember things.
- NOTE: All actors must be versatile with abilities in physical comedy, farce and an aptitude for dialects (working-class English, Scottish, cultured British and German). This is a fast paced, high-energy production, but a lot of fun to perform.

The Roles:
RICHARD HANNAY: (Age range early 30’s to late 40’s)
“About 40. Pencil moustache.” “An attractive man, not too young and not too old…relatively ordinary… thinks of himself as commonplace…is drawn in against his best judgment into a mystery he vaguely understands…”
Dialects: A Canadian with precise diction, not necessarily an English accent. The role requires stamina, physical comedy skills and excellent comic timing.

ANNABELLA, MARGARET, PAMELA: (Age Range 25 to 40’s)
All roles played by one woman: a ”beautiful…nervous…seductive” German spy; a Scottish farmer’s wife; and a “beautiful” British woman. The role requires versatility, stamina, excellent comic timing, and the romantic style of a Hitchcock leading lady.
Dialects: German, Scottish, cultured British

CLOWN 1 & CLOWN 2: (Age Range: 20 and up)
The 2 CLOWNS, in the English Music Hall tradition, play over 30 characters between them; changing characters frequently, sometimes within seconds, using costumes and props from the simple to more detailed.
The roles require versatility, stamina to perform fast paced verbal and physical comedy; excellent comic timing and extreme focus.
Dialects: A wide variety of English, German, Scottish, any accents that you want really.