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#2021 Auditions

Canberra REP regularly has six shows each calendar year for which we hold open Auditions. During 2021 we are producing 7 shows.

If you have any questions please email or call .

dates subject to change*

Audition Bookings are open for:

Hotel Sorrento by Hannie Rayson

Directed by Alexandra Pelvin

Production dates

Preview: 23 September 2021

Season: 24 September – 9 October

Audition information

Dates: Saturday 3 July – Sunday 4 July (call backs will be held on Sunday afternoon if necessary)

Location: Canberra REP Theatre


Scripts are available from REP Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm with a $5 cash deposit, refundable on return of the script at audition. Please only use the provided version of the script.

Please prepare the relevant scene for the character you’re interested in from the list below. It’s important that you have read and considered the play before auditioning. You may also be asked to cold read selected scenes on the day.


Hilary lives in seaside Sorrento with her father and 16-year-old son; Pippa is visiting from New York and Meg returns from England with her English husband. Three sisters, reunited after 10 years in different worlds, again feel the constraints of family life. It is Meg’s semi-autobiographical novel, recently shortlisted for the Booker prize, that overshadows their homecoming.


Marge Morrissey: a teacher, divorced mother of four. All her children are grown up and have left home. She has a holiday house in Sorrento where she goes every weekend (55-60)

Dick Bennett: the editor of the Australian Voice. His friendship with Marge dates back to the early 70s. He lives alone in a rented flat and is a regular visitor to Marge’s holiday house. (43)

Hilary Moynihan: the eldest Moynihan sister. She lives in the family home in Sorrento with her father and son. Her husband was killed in a car accident. She owns a small gourmet deli in the main street. (42-45)

Wal Moynihan: father of Hilary, Meg and Pippa. He was the proprietor of the local garage, Moynihan Motors, but is now retired. His family has been in Sorrento for generations and as a result he is something of a local character (65-75)

Troy Moynihan: Hilary’s son (16)

Edwin Bates: an Englishman married to Meg. He is a partner in a successful publishing firm in London. (40-50)

Meg Moynihan: the middle sister, a novelist and expatriate. She has been in London for 10 years. Her second novel, Melancholy, has been nominated for the Booker prize. (40)

Pippa Moynihan: the youngest sister, currently living in New York. She is well travelled and is now a highly paid advertising executive (35-38) 

Audition pieces

Wal: Act 1 Scene 2, pp2-4

“Look at that…” to “Oh, he’s got a crook back…”

Troy: Act 1 Scene 10, pp25-6

“Brett Williams’ dad’s got a flat in St Kilda…” to “Sometimes I think it’s better…this way.”

Dick: Act 2 Scene 6, pp57-8

“I thought I might wander over there this afternoon…” to end of scene

Marge: Act 2 Scene 6, pp57-8

“I thought I might wander over there this afternoon…” to end of scene

Edwin: Act 1 Scene 18, pp36-37

Whole scene

Hilary: Act 1 Scene 8, pp 18-20

Whole scene

Pippa: Act 1 Scene 12, pp 29-30

Whole scene

Meg: Act 2 Scene 10, pp63-64

“Meg?” to “That’s all.”



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