Official Documents

Anual Reports

Papers for the REP 2018 AGM  to be held on the 2 April 2019 are available from the following links:

2018 AGM Agenda

2018 AGM Council nomination and Proxy forms

2018 AGM Minutes from 10 April 2018

REP 2018 Annual Report


The 2017 Annual Report is available here.


The Annual Report of 2016 is available here.


The Director's Report of 2015 is available here.
The Financial Report of 2015 is available here.


The Annual Report of 2014 is available here.


REP is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a registered Charity. The following document, approved at a General Meeting held on 10 February 2015, is the current version.
The REP Constitution is available here.

Policy Documents

Specific area policies support the activities and practices of Canberra REP, contributing to a framework to safely and effectively manage our activities.
The REP Risk Management policy is available here.

The REP Unacceptable Behaviour policy is available here.

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