The Woman in the Window

By Alma de Groen
Director Liz Bradley

Season: Wed - Sat 8pm - 5 - 21 September
Matinees: 14, 15 & 21 Sept, 2pm




In Stalin’s Russia, the great poet Anna Ahkmatova is forbidden to write. In a future, denatured world, a young woman, Rachel, searches for what is missing in her life. In her world, a ‘poet’ means one who researches poetry in the archives, Rachel becomes a dispossessed Akhmatova. When the literary archives, which are seldom accessed any more, are about to be switched off and the ‘poets’ de-listed, Rachel risks her life to save the poetry archives for future generations.

Venue: Naoné Carrel Auditorium


Anna Akhmatova - Karen Vickery 
Lili Kalinovskaya - Lainie Hart       
Stetsky - Thomas Hyslop  
Korzh - Michael Sparks      
Tusya - Amanda Brown   


Rachel Sekerov - Zoe Swan     
Maren - Alex McPherson
Miz - Alex McPherson  
Sandor - Michael Cooper    
Auditor - Marli  Haddeill  

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