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Scarface Yosaburo (与話情浮名横櫛)
Otomi, a mistress of a powerful gang boss Akama Genzaemon, and the adopted son of a wealthy shop owner Yosaburo fall in love when they pass each other on the beach of Kisarazu. They date in secret but are betrayed by one of Genzaemon’s lackeys. Yosaburo is tortured by Genzaemon to the extent Otomi believed he was dead. She threw herself into the ocean out of despair, but her life was saved by the merchant Tazaemon, who happened to pass by on a boat. Three years later, Otomi is living as Tazaemon’s ‘mistress’ in Kamakura but she crosses paths with Yosaburo once again. What happens when ex-lovers who still love each other, believe that the other has already moved on?
Friday, October 7 - 6:00 pm
Venue: Canberra REP Theatre
Saturday, October 8 - 6:00 pm
Venue: Canberra REP Theatre
Sunday, October 9 - 12:00 pm
Venue: Canberra REP Theatre

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