Social Media & Marketing Committee

Calling the Box Office?

The Canberra REP Theatre team is investigating issues when calling our Box Office phone number. For some callers, instead of being connected through to us, you may receive a message stating the line has been disconnected.

If you receive this message you can still reach us by using another phone or mobile, or by calling us on 02 6185 1591 instead.

We thank you for your patience while we rectify the issue with assistance from our service provider.

The Team at REP.

The Social Media & Marketing Committee organises and plans the social media presence of REP promoting our productions and activities. This committee also contributes towards the direct promotion of productions and activities to all forms of media.

Head of Committee: Virginia Cook

Council Liaison: Virginia Cook

Members:  Helen Drum, Virginia Cook, Wolf Hecker, Alex Pelvin and Joshua Crouthamel

Meetings: Held monthly, on the 3nd Wednesday at 6:30

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