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  Absurd Person Singular Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Cosi Rope The Governor's Family

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Hotel Sorrento

Sense and Sensibility
  19 Nov - 5 Dec 2020 13 Feb - 6 Mar 2021 8-24 Apr 2021 20 May-5 Jun 2021 1-17 July 2021 30 Jul - 15 Aug 2020 10 - 26 Sept 2020  
Director Jarrad West  Anne Somes Sophie Benassi Ed Wightman Tony Llewellyn-Jones
Ass. Dir. Alex Pelvin
Cate Clelland

Alexandra Pelvin

Liz Bradley

Production Manager Marya Glyn-Daniel  Marya Glyn-Daniel
  Mal Houston    


FoH Coordinator         Amelia Witheridge      
Set Designer Andrew Kay  Cate Clelland     Andrew Kay      
Set Coordinator Russell Brown       Russell Brown    


Costume Designer Fiona Leach Fiona Leach     Anna Senior      
Lighting Designer Nathan Sciberras Stephen Still     Chris Ellyard      
Sound Designer Neville Pye Neville Pye     Neville Pye      
Props Rosanne Walker & Brenton Warren        Yanina Clifton    


Stage Manager Dot Russell David Goodbody     Dot Russell      
Council Liaison Antonia Kitzel Michael Sparks            
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