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2024 Season

  Last of the Red Hot Lovers The Actress Dead Man's Cell Phone William Golding's Lord of the Flies Away Bloody Murder
  22 Feb – 9 Mar 2–18 May 13–29 Jun 25 Jul – 10 Aug 5–21 Sep 21 Nov – 7 Dec
Director Anne Somes Aarne Neeme AM Kate Blackhurst Caitlin Baker
Lachlan Houen
Lainie Hart Jarrad West
Assistant Director Cate Clelland (Associate Director)          
Production Manager Anne Gallen Edy Syquer Liz de Totth   Simon Tolhurst Edy Syquer
FoH Coordinator Elizabeth Goodbody Elizabeth Goodbody Elizabeth Goodbody      
Set Designer Cate Clelland Quentin Mitchell        
Set Coordinator Russell Brown OAM Russell Brown OAM        
Costume Designer Fiona Leach Anna Senior        
Lighting Designer Mike Moloney Mike Moloney & Mandy Brown Stephen Still      
Sound Designer Neville Pye Neville Pye Neville Pye Neville Pye Neville Pye

Neville Pye

Props Production Team Brenton Warren        
Choreographer N/A N/A        
Production Photography

Olivia Wenholz, Connor McNaught,
Alexandra Pelvin

Eve Murray        
Stage Manager David Goodbody Paul Jackson David Goodbody   Maggie Hawkins  
Council Liaison Elizabeth Goodbody Anne Gallen        



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