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Calling the Box Office?

The Canberra REP Theatre team is investigating issues when calling our Box Office phone number. For some callers, instead of being connected through to us, you may receive a message stating the line has been disconnected.

If you receive this message you can still reach us by using another phone or mobile, or by calling us on 02 6185 1591 instead.

We thank you for your patience while we rectify the issue with assistance from our service provider.

The Team at REP.

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  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Hotel Sorrento

Arsenic & Old Lace Romeo & Juliet

Our Country's Good

Sense and Sensibility

  17 Feb - 5 Mar  28 Apr - 14 May 9 - 25 Jun  28 July - 13 Aug 8-24 Sept

18 Nov-4 Dec

Director  Cate Clelland
Ass. Dir. Michael Sparks

Alexandra Pelvin Ass. Dir. Antonia Kitzel

 Ian Hart
Kelly Roberts & Christopher Zuber Karen Vickery
Ass. Dir. Liz de Totth

Cate Clelland

Production Manager  David Bennett

Anne Freestone

Malcolm Houston Anne Freestone Simon Tolhurst Marya Glyn-Daniel
FoH Coordinator Anne Freestone Elizabeth Goodbody John Gieroszynski Anne Freestone    
Set Designer  Cate Clelland

Michael Sparks

Andrew Kay Christopher Zuber Michael Sparks Cate Clelland
Set Coordinator Russell Brown Russell Brown Russell Brown and Andrew Kay Russell Brown Russell Brown  
Costume Designer Anna Senior

Helen Drum

Anna Senior Jennie Norberry Helen Drum  
Lighting Designer Nathan Sciberras

Stephen Still

Nathan Sciberras Mike Moloney Mike Moloney Nathan Sciberras
Sound Designer Neville Pye Neville Pye Neville Pye Justin Mullins Neville Pye Neville Pye
Props Tady Carroll Michael Sparks Antonia Kitzel Gail Cantle Antonia Kitzel  
Stage Manager Ewan David Goodbody Ewan Grant Pegg David Goodbody


Council Liaison Michael Sparks Liz de Totth Alex Pelvin Liz de Totth Virginia Cook Liz de Totth
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